Summer 2018 Programming At The WCCW: Control

May 2018–July 2018

When we think about the tension between coercion and consent, we often point to the cultural forces that shape our lives: the ways that women and femmes are socialized to be accommodating; the rigidity and persistence of social hierarchies; the cultural narratives that normalize domination, objectification, and abuse of power and privilege (injustices we’re so used to that many don’t seem to recognize them as injustices at all). For some of us, compliance with these narratives is unthinking, automatic. We consent to things we aren’t sure we want. We’re willing participants in capitalism, ableism, whiteness, class and language hierarchies, rape culture, and the gender binary — systems that count on our reluctance to say “no.”

We’ll be joined by artist in residence Yasmine Diaz, whose work addresses themes of gender, bicultural identity, memory, family honor, and shame—highlighted most pointedly through the medium of collage.

This quarter, we attempt to name the ways that we negotiate with power and add to the #metoo conversation about consent. Which experiences, identities, and collective practices might we refuse if given the opportunity? In what ways do we resist abuses of power? What would it feel like to have autonomy over our bodies? How do we learn to assert ourselves and to hold boundaries? What does it mean to take control?



ARTIST: Show Thyself!

Sunday, May 6, 2-6pm
Presented by Jibz Cameron
$36 Members / $45 Regular


Get Selfish: Collage Night with Yasmine Diaz

Wednesday, May 9, 7-9:30pm
Hosted by artist in residence Yasmine Diaz
$5 Suggested Donation  / RSVP


Feminist Manifesto
Writing Workshop

Sunday, May 20, 2–6pm
Presented by Linda Ravenswood
$12 Members/$15 Regular


Healing Through Self Portrait: A Frida Inspired Painting Workshop

Friday, May 25, 7–9:30pm   
Presented by Darlene Valencia
$40 Members / $50 Regular



Opening Reception: Exit Strategies

Friday, June 8, 7–10pm
Artist-in-resident Yasmine Diaz


Awesome Boundaries For Empowerment, Safety, And Really Good Sex!

Thursday, June 14, 7:30–10pm
Presented by Cassie Brighter & Beverly Diehl
$6 Members / $8 Regular


Yes Means Yes—A Consent Workshop For Teens

Saturday, June 16, 12:00-1:30pm
Presented by Natalie Dunn
$6 Online / $8 Door


Culture Clash: a discussion for and by third culture women*

Wednesday, June 27, 7:00–9:30pm  
Hosted by artist-in-residence Yasmine Diaz
Free / RSVP


WOC Fertility Awareness Discussion Circle

Saturday, June 30, 11am–1pm
Hosted by Cindy Luquin & Roxana Diaz
$25 Regular / $20 Members



Feminist Reading Group:
A Map of Home

Mondays, July 9 & 23, 7:30–9:30pm
Hosted by Yasmine Diaz
Free / RSVP


(Re)imagining Systems of Care: A Ritual for Medical Consent & Protection

Saturday, July 14, 7:00–9:30pm
Presented by Adrienne Walser, Melanie Griffen
& Cesia Domínguez López
Free / RSVP


Yasmine Diaz In Conversation with Samira Yamin

Thursday, July 19, 7–9pm    
Max 40 participants
Free / RSVP


Healthy Hyna Vegan Cooking Class (Mexican Food)

Friday, July 27, 7–9pm
Presented by Lorena Ramirez AKA Healthy Hyna
$64 Members / $80 Regular


Disposable from Birth:
A Symposium on Anti-Blackness,
Call Out Culture, & Prison Abolition

Sunday, July 29, 2–5pm
Presented by Malaka Wilson-Greene
Suggested donation $10 / RSVP