Team Members


Sarah Williams Managing Director

Sarah uses her formidable processing power to keep WCCW’s administration, programming, business dealings, and external projects running smoothly. Her passion for creating systems to support inclusive, malleable platforms for creatives of all stripes to present work and build communities keeps her energized as she tackles the infinite library of spreadsheets it takes to run the organization. Sarah graduated from the Masters in Public Art Studies program at USC and studied Art History at UC Santa Cruz before that. She has also been a Project Manger at ForYourArt since 2007, serves on Arts for LA’s Programming Advisory Committee, and co-founded the Art Book Review. In her spare time she likes building stuff, playing basketball, and thinking about horses.


Kate Johnston Creative Director

Kate is the producer and distributor of the public communications of the WCCW. She believes that typography is step one in a system of care: to communicate pertinent information clearly and comfortably is her form of activism. She organizes systems of information, corrals content, develops names and themes for events & programs, and creates the center’s visual language & graphic messaging. She started developing graphic languages for utopian collectives during her tenure in the MFA Graphic Design program at CalArts and hasn’t really stopped since. She also holds a BA in Classics from Pitzer College, runs a freelance design practice, teaches in the graphic design program at Otis, and occasionally makes a magazine about pants. Kate can often be found organizing even the minutiae on the shelves around the center, an activity she apparently finds meditative.

Nicole Kelly bio photo

Nicole Kelly Outreach & Programming Coordinator

As the Outreach & Programming Coordinator, Nicole combines her interest in social practice, community building, and feminist activism in order to communicate the WCCW mission through intersectional programming. She’s especially excited about the process of coalition building between artists and activists from a variety of LA scenes and communities. Nicole received an MFA from the Programs In Writing at UC Irvine, and her fiction has appeared in ZYZZYVA, Drunken Boat, Fiction Southeast, and elsewhere. She’s also the co-host/producer of bitchface, a podcast about gender, art, feminism, misandry, and other obsessions, and a member of Intersectionality NOW, a Women’s Center programming resident during spring 2017. Things she likes: wearing wigs, writing elaborate party invitations, amateur journalism & smashing the heteropatriarchy.


Salima Allen Visual Content Manager

Combining her interests of image making and creative collaboration, Salima spends her days reaching out to those interested in the WCCW’s programming via social media, calendar and archive management. With her loud laugh and next level outfits, she presents a friendly face to all who support WCCW. As a part of the communications team, she takes pride in being a part of  the WCCW family and facilitating participation with our community!

emily bio image

Emily Walworth Associate Director

Emily wears many hats at WCCW, literally and figuratively. Through introducing people to the space, managing hosts and volunteers, tracking membership, and coordinating with program facilitators, she makes sure everything at the workspace is running smoothly. She is incredibly grateful to be constantly learning about community building, intersectional feminism, and arts organizing, and dreams of one day running her own queer / feminist community space!


Hana Ward Web Content Manager

Hana Ward is a multidisciplinary artist from Los Angeles, California. She earned a B.A. in Education from Brown University in 2011 where she worked as a Graphic Designer for their Third World Center. She likes drawing and sculpting little characters with things on their mind— endearing yet undeniably melancholic beings. Some of her drawings can be found on WCCW print material. Hana is also the co-founder of Uno+Ichi, a brand specializing in handmade ceramicware. You can often her with a large cup of herbal brew and some fruit in her purse. She’s responsible for putting WCCW content on the web, including what you’re reading right now.

Lindsey Baguio Gerhard Volunteer

Lindsey Baguio Gerhard is a writer who lives in Frogtown. With a background in journalism, she does freelance work within the spheres of digital content creation and social media. She enjoys morning bike rides on the LA River, Netflix marathons and making things like flower arrangements, chocolate chip cookies and lists.


Cynthia Navarro Print Lab Manager

Cynthia Navarro is a printmaker who hails from a small desert town in Southern California. In 2006, she ventured off to UC Santa Cruz to study Fine Arts. She concentrated in tree hugging and printmaking and fell in love with the idea of multiples. After Santa Cruz, she lived the East Bay working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator and collaborated with her wonderful friends in creating Tiny Splendor, an art collective and small risograph publisher running out of Berkeley and Los Angeles, California, which she helps run. Tiny Splendor was founded on the idea of finding a way to share our friends’ artwork, while satisfying our obsession with and love of ink on paper. Cynthia can help you with your print needs at the WCCW!

Sophie Trauberman Programming Host
Sophie is a Los Angeles born and based cultural programmer. Her work currently straddles gallery and studio management, weed-infused catering, and program coordinating. Sophie studied Philosophy at Lewis & Clark College. She believes strongly that education is a life-long pursuit and that administrative work is creative work. At WCCW she chairs the programming committee and also leads “How We Organize,” a community reading group aiming to dismantle the non-profit industrial complex. She loves making cocktails, baking, biking, embroidering, and swimming in the ocean in her free time.

Nickole Ragland Grounds & Maintenance Host
Nickole is an independent, Los Angeles based Photographer and Artist. Her client base includes movie studios, musicians, and even downtown craft breweries.  A proud and passionate Philly girl, Nickole takes her love for history, architecture, and nature and combines them in her eclectic works. An avid explorer, she loves camping and hiking with her three beautiful daughters and the love of her life. You’ll find her carving wood, making jewelry, playing with blow torches, and baking bread at any given moment. Nickole joins WCCW, with a gratitude to the community of amazingly creative women, and a eye to the future as one of LA’s visionary artists.

Lauren Calsada Outreach Host
Lauren is an independent, multimedia artist born and raised in Los Angeles. During the week she works in an law office as an assistant and Spanish-English interpreter. To keep it exciting, she works as a freelance videographer/photographer at music and performance events. She is focused on building her mind, body and soul through art/music practice, cooking, hiking and creating and learning from an inclusive space with other womxn. She is new to the WCCW and looks forward to contributing and sharing a space with all creative types and wonderful womxn.