COVID-19 List of Resources & Funds (via WCCW)

These resources are not updated on an ongoing basis.

The following database is a community gathered list of COVID-19 related resources & funds. The spreadsheet is sortable, so you can hide fields or sort by various columns to help you find what you’re looking for more easily. If you know of a resource, fund, or list that is not listed here, feel free to add it by filling out this form!

Tips for using this Database:

There’s lot of different aid out there with different eligibility and requirements, so we wanted to make an interactive, sortable list with various categories to make it a little easier to navigate the different resources available to you at this time. This database is organized by Type of Resource, including Applications to Receive Financial Support (Grants etc), Informational Sheets, Application for Receiving Non-$$ Support (Mutual Aid Networks for getting help with errands etc), Mutual Aid Sign Ups (where you can sign-up to help others with non monetary needs like errands), Funds you can Donate to (like our Emergency Health Grant for Artists!), other Resource lists folks have compiled, Mutual Aid Networks (to connect with others), and “Help Create a Resource.”

There are lots of other categories that each of these Resources are tagged as— like Languages it’s in, Location, who the resource is for, etc. You can sort and filter the list to only include things are are applicable to you! For example, if you live in Los Angeles you click the “Filter” button at the top and add a filter, where_____“Location”____ “has any of” and select “California, Los Angeles, Everywhere, National”. Then the database will only show resources for locations that apply to you. Or if you are looking for resources to Offer Support you can make a filter where “Resources for Offering or Receiving Help” is set to “Offer Support”.

If you have any question you can also email [email protected], who would be happy to help you navigate this resource document.