WOC Fertility Awareness Discussion Circle

Saturday, June 30, 11am–1pm
Hosted by Cindy Luquin & Roxana Diaz
30 participants maximum
$25 Regular / $20 Members

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In a time where birth control is readily available to people that want to prevent pregnancy, we will explore the historical context of what was considered the women’s sexual liberation movement through a different lens. This workshop will provide information for reconnecting with what fertility freedom means and how to begin to decolonize the idea of birth control. We will learn about safer, hormone friendly options to take control of your fertility and become more aware of body literacy.

All genders and backgrounds are welcome, but the conversation will center women and nonbinary folks of color. Please be mindful of the space you take up if you don’t share those identities.

Cindy Luquin is a first generation born and raised Los Angeles native of parents from El Salvador and Guatemala. She is the Founder & Speaker of Cultura Con Wellness, a platform helping women with the fertility awareness method research, reproductive justice, and hormone friendly wellness. Her wellness journey began when doctors discovered she had a grapefruit-sized ovarian cyst that led to surgery. After six years of taking hormonal birth control, she realized it had a negative impact on her body which led her to find the Fertility Awareness Method as a natural form of birth control and living a more holistic lifestyle. She is currently working on her Masters in Latin American Studies at the California State University of Los Angeles and her research focus is on the fertility awareness method education in communities of color. Using her 10 years of professional experience in educational interpretation and healthcare interpreting training, her goal is to become a fertility awareness method educator in order to teach women and high school students about body literacy to empower their reproductive health decisions.

Roxanna Diaz, Mexicana y Chapina, is Co-Owner/ Founder of Casa Papalotl, an all organic herbal company based out of Los Angeles. She is self/ community taught and loves to work with in the people of color community. When she isn’t working on Casa Papalotl or spending time with her children, Roxanna takes pride in serving as a birthworker (doula). In addition, she is consistently working on reclaiming Ancestral knowledge and traditions.

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