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Update on Reopening Women’s Center for Creative Work (07/05/2020):

The world is not the same as it was three and a half months ago, and these changes have called for a deep reconsideration of how and why we do the work that we do. While it feels foolish to pretend we can plan too far ahead at this point, with COVID-19 on the rise in LA County, we wanted to share an update with our plans. We are working to lay the groundwork for a vision for this coming year that forefronts care for our staff and members and works towards initiatives that we will be able to execute without the necessity of being in physical space together. 

One of the toughest decisions we’re making is to definitively close the workspace for the foreseeable future, and plan only online programs through the end of 2020, at least. We will keep the lease on the current space, as we wait to understand the longer term effects of COVID-19 and how it changes our ability to gather people together. After much consideration and review of the reopening guidelines (which are now being walked back for the time being), it feels impossible for us to adequately socially distance the office, workspace, and events, and we do not want to unnecessarily put our staff, members, or attendees at risk. 

While we will deeply miss being in space together, this does give us an opportunity to focus on developing some new initiatives that we have been dreaming about for a while. There will be a slight lull for the Summer as we gear up for this new way of working, but come Fall, we will be launching a full suite of online programs (you can propose a program here!). We have been testing this out over the past couple of months and have been excited by the number of people joining, and the opportunity for folks all over the world to connect with WCCW.

Please not that the space is currently closed through the end of the year and all 2020 programming will be held online.