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Update on Reopening Feminist Center for Creative Work (July 2021):

As we’ve been discussing the priorities of FCCW and our staff, it’s become clear that we’re in no rush to get back into a physical space. Since leaving our building in Frogtown, we want to be intentional about how we’re spending our resources, how we’re gathering people, and the effects of a physical art space on neighborhoods in LA.

So for now, you can expect that all of our programs are virtual or digital — no matter what the confirmation emails might imply! That also means that opening another co-working space is not in our plans for the future. Currently, we’re looking for a new small office space, just for staff, where we can do riso printing, shipping, and hold meetings. BUT if you are missing the social atmosphere of our space, consider becoming a member and joining our private social media platform, the Feminist Community Network.