LA for Choice Clinic Escort Training

LA for Choice Clinic Escort Training
Sunday, September 25th 1:00-3:00pm

Come get trained to be a clinic escort! Volunteer trainers from LA for Choice will talk about their experiences and the history of clinic escorting/LA for Choice, what it takes to be an escort, and the laws that protect clinics and property lines. Then we’ll do some super cool role plays, answer your questions, and at the end of the training you can sign up to be an abortion clinic escort if you so choose. It’s a rad way to serve your community and get involved in reproductive justice at the local level, and we are always looking for more volunteers.

LA for choice is an all volunteer organization that is on the front lines on reproductive justice in the LA area. Started in 2009 in opposition to the anti abortion group 40 Days For Life which targets abortion clinics every year during lent, LA for Choice has stood their ground in the face of anti abortion protestors who harass and bully people attempting to attain access to reproductive health care in their communities. Every weekend we offer a friendly face and supportive voice to those seeking reproductive health care at clinics around Los Angeles. We pride ourselves on being a feminist, non-hierarchical decision making body, and we want you to come volunteer with us!

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