Social Justice Leadership Seminar for Teens

A Lesson in Shine Theory
Saturday, September 24th, 6-8pm

Isabel Grigoryan, a senior at Hoover High School, has a passion for politics and social justice. Underwhelmed by the lack of options in Los Angeles for teens in leadership, Isabel decided to take matters into her own hands and create her own seminar for teens of all ages. As a Middle Eastern girl, Isabel is preaching intersectionality in all aspects of the seminar; including topics on race, gender, sexuality, islamophobia, transphobia, and disability rights.

Inspired by the principles of “Shine Theory” by Ann Friedman and ArtHoe Collective founder and blogger, 2jam4u, the seminar will be inspired by the fact that if one of us shines, we all shine. If we as a community are creating change from a grassroots level, then we are all promoting for the greater good.

The social justice leadership seminar is to help teens interested in politics and social issues have a better understanding on how to help their community and get involved. Learn about the influence of social media in activism, debate on topics with teens with a passion for change, and even take a closer look on social justice through a pop culture lens (Ex: The influence of Beyoncé’s Lemonade and how to communicate your message through art). With amazing guest speakers such as Black Lives Matter, Critical Resistance, Progressive Action, the YWCA, and more, this seminar will help the leaders of tomorrow, build connections and create new opportunities within LA and their schools. Open to all high schoolers in LA with a passion for social justice and leadership!

Progressive Action in Glendale
A group of progressives in the Glendale area who have been fired up by the 2016 election and are ready to make change on a local level. We want to continue organizing to elect progressive politicians at all levels of government who pledge to get money out of politics, fight climate change, and are responsive to the needs of working people.

Real change never takes place from the top down – it always occurs from the bottom on up. But it all depends on a community finding its voice, and electing leaders with vision and fire in their bellies—then supporting those leaders with action.

+Ardy Kassakhian (City Clerk in Glendale now running for Assembly member for District 43)


Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter is a chapter-based national organization working for the validity of Black life. We are working to (re)build the Black liberation movement.

“This is Not a Moment, but a Movement.”

Critical Resistance
Critical Resistance seeks to build an international movement to end the prison industrial complex (PIC) by challenging the belief that caging and controlling people makes us safe.

YWCA of Glendale
The YWCA Glendale made a commitment to empower all women who have served or serve at the local, statewide and national levels. Since that time, we have been developing a comprehensive approach to serving our women veterans that has included: establishing a partnership with our state’s Deputy Secretary of Women Veterans Affairs; creating a veteran’s coalition with our Mayor and Chair for the local Commission on the Status of Women.

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