Healing & Brainstorming Space for K-12 Educators

Unprofessional Development: A Healing & Brainstorming Space for K-12 Educators
September 25th, October 9th & 23rd,

While teaching children is a joyous career, it can also be draining and anxiety-inducing, especially for teachers whose identities fall somewhere outside of dominant societal norms. This series aims to provide a safe, unaffiliated space for K-12 teachers to reflect critically on their work and work environment, heal from trauma experienced or exacerbated on the job, and brainstorm a healthy future for all teachers and students.

Each session will begin with meditation and roundtable discussion; the second half of each evening will be devoted to developing a collaborative self-care zine that can be independently reproduced and distributed to teachers in our extended networks.

Sarah Stockton is a teacher, writer and multimedia artist. She holds degrees in creative writing and music performance from DePauw University, and received her yoga teaching certification from Cloud Nine Yoga in 2015. Sarah currently works as a special education teacher at a public secondary school in Los Angeles. She is interested in creating and collaborating on work that explores feminism, queerness, sadness, illness and wellness.

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