Harmony Singing Workshop with Melómana

Wednesday Jul 19, 7:30-9:30pm
Hosted by Linnea Sablosky
$10-15 sliding scale
Members, email [email protected] for 20% off code!

Melómana is a new vocal trio comprised of Maisie Dolan, Hannah Levy and Linnea Sablosky. Coming from distinct musical backgrounds, the three share a passion for close harmony, as well as many cumulative years of study in traditional polyphonic singing styles from Eastern Europe, South Africa, Corsica, and the Americas. The singers met as teenagers, and have since toured extensively as part of Vermont-based choir Northern Harmony, learning from and performing with master singers in the regions listed above. In this workshop we will delve into some of these unique and diverse styles, rhythms, and harmonies, exploring the full timbral and dynamic range of our voices. All songs will be taught by ear, with an emphasis on the music’s meaning and cultural context. No prior experience is necessary! Seasoned singers will find this music challenging and complex, while beginners will relish in its beauty and intuitive structure. Come sing!

Linnea Sablosky is an emphatic musician with a passion for close harmony and intricate rhythms. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she studied Balkan singing and West African drumming from a young age and has since developed fluency in musics from Georgia, Eastern Europe, and Indonesia. Twice she’s toured with Northern Harmony, a world folk choir, singing and teaching workshops in Europe, the U.K., North America, and Colombia. Linnea has been teaching songs in harmony since 2005, and private voice lessons since 2012. She is a member of several ensembles in Los Angeles including Kidi Band, which released its debut album in February 2016, and Shvidkala, a Georgian polyphony septet which she directs. Linnea holds a BFA in World Music Performance from California Institute of the Arts.