Stories of Steadfastness

Wednesday August 16, 7-9pm
Hosted by Shay Roman, Lissy Romanow and Rabbi Robin Podolsky
Suggested Donation: $10 (to be donated to Sumud Freedom Camp)
Donations will also be accepted at the door

An evening of personal narrative from the Women’s Center for Creative Work and Eastside Jews.

Sumud (Steadfastness) Freedom Camp was created by more than 300 diaspora Jews, Palestinians and Israelis as a safe, unarmed space in the heart of the occupied West Bank. Sumud was founded for people to come together, hear one another’s stories, and build community and to return displaced Palestinian families to their homes.  Come and hear three Jewish women from L.A. share stories of their journey to Sumud, the friends they met there, and their hopes for a better future.

صمود : مخيم الحريه | Sumud: Freedom Camp | צֻמוּד: מחנה חירות is a diverse community whose sacred values compel us to join in shared nonviolent resistance to discrimination, inequality, and occupation and build a future in which the civil and human rights of all people are recognized unequivocally.

The Center for Jewish Nonviolence is a collaborative, democratic organization that brings Diaspora Jews to Israel to stand in solidarity with Palestinians in nonviolent action against the occupation. More info here.

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