Free the Voice

Saturday, July 29, 4-6pm
Hosted by Odeya Nini
$35 Regular / $28 Members
Members, email [email protected] for discount code!

A workshop dedicated to Vocal Expression, feeling and understanding the physicality of sound, freeing our minds of preconceived ideas of song, and opening our ears to new forms of sonic composition within ourselves. Both through introspective work and outward playfulness, we will explore the voice as an instrument that radiates from the imagination, body and movement, not limited to conventions of language, but rather able to convey myriad forms of communication. Come play, unwind, explore and Free the Voice!

Odeya Nini is a Los Angeles based contemporary vocalist, composer, yoga instructor and teacher. With 10 years of yoga teaching experience, she has finally united her two worlds of music and yoga in this unique experience of a Voice Bath. Her music spans orchestral pieces to solo vocal composition and sound installations. As a teacher she leads people on a journey to embody the voice through pure expression of sound and emotion, mind/ body centering, and freeing the voice in a therapeutic manner. Voice Baths and her solo artistic work have been heard from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv, Mongolia, Madagascar and Vietnam.