If Cafe at NAVEL: Come hang out with us in person!

We’re disappointed to announce that, due to COVID, we’re postponing our original If Cafe event on Thursday September 2. However, we still hope to see you on our new date, Thursday, October 7!

As badly as we want to see you all RIGHT NOW, it’s also important to take everyone’s safety into account. Our fabulous partners at NAVEL have had an eye on the number of COVID cases and test positivity rates in LA, and have made the decision to close up their space for now. They share our desire to not police our community by requiring proof of vaccination, and we’re hopeful that October will give us a downward curve that makes gathering in an alleyway feel more responsible.

We apologize for the abrupt change in plans, but hopefully this gives us all even more time to find the perfect outfit and pine after each other. Until the fall, stay safe, stay balmy!

Come join us for a chill hang we’re hosting at NAVEL’s If Cafe to see the friendly faces you miss, meet our new staff, and get to know the latest, greatest members of the FCCW community. We’ve invited Loren Amador of The Fingerjoint to serve beverages and Yves B Golden to DJ and keep the mood right. 

NAVEL’s If Cafe is named after If Club, a working class, racially-mixed, butch dyke hangout in MacArthur Park, active from 1939 to 1968 — the earliest known lesbian bar in Los Angeles. Today, there are no lesbian bars in LA, but we’re hoping The Fingerjoint will be our future haunt — so come out to support Loren, our friends at NAVEL, and the FCCW community.

If cafe at NAVEL is a weekly spot to recharge and reconnect with your community, every Thursday this summer. This is an outdoor event with no stairs to access the alleyway and there is an accessible portapotty available. PLEASE wear a mask, the pandemic isn’t over! If you’ve been feeling sick at all, get tested and join us another time.

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See you there!