Chains of Affection

Friday, July 7, 7-9pm
Hosted by Bastion, Sisters of Jam, and Karolina Pahlén

Chains of Affection is part of the ongoing artistic research project, In 21st Century Zesterhood, a Stockholm-based project investigating community within feminist art and design practices. This process-based project deals with how we can create space and new platforms to work collectively, share knowledge and resources, and how we can support each other socially, creatively and structurally. The goal is to create a series of dialogues, and to reveal the many threads that run between individuals, continents and time periods, and through this weaving be able to analyze a separatist-feminist art practice. Through this event we wish to create and share a collaborative evening together.

Part I

Presentation/lecture on collective identity and working toward a common cause. Based on our individual practices and experiences, stories are gathered and woven together about the collective and zesterhood as a political and artistic method.

Part II

Workshop: Sharing our nows in dialogue with Swedish feminist realities and their reflections on “What is my now?”.  A continuation of the workshop held by Sarah Williams and Kate Johnston together with the project In 21st Century Zesterhood, in Stockholm February 2017.

Bastion Lab is an artistic project, in which designers Alexandra Falagara and Brita Lindvall Leitmann research into how identity, norms and boundaries are created and reproduced by visual culture – and explore methods in which critical theory can be employed in design practice. Since 2012, Bastion Lab has been working to develop, identify and compile feminist and norm-critical strategies and working practices in visual communication.

Sisters of Jam was founded in 2008 by artists Moa and Mikaela Krestesen. They work with interdisciplinary artistic research based projects using multiple media – photography, video, drawing, installation and text – in an ongoing investigation of community, zesterhood, historiography and continuity. They aim to create a feminist dialogue over generations and geographies, that is both virtual and allegorical; that reaches backwards and forwards and at the same time tells us something new. Looking back in feminist history they re actualize the deeds, thoughts and aspirations of earlier generations of zesters, like adding to a patchwork.

Karolina Pahlén is a curator and writer currently working as director of exhibitions and program at Gerlesborgsskolan. Her curatorial practise is focused on creating platforms for cultural production and knowledge production, working close to artist’s processes. A feministic agenda comes through in her exhibition projects as well in her writings on photography and film. In 2014 she curated the all women project Syster [Sister] at Borås Museum of Modern Art, an extensive exhibition, feminist plattform and pedagogical project, in which Bastion and Sisters of Jam among many others participated.