Feminist Future World Building Workshop

coalition programming

Sunday, Apr 23, 2-7pm
$5-10 Suggested Donation – RSVP Required
Led by Paisley Smith and Caitlin Conlen

This workshop will harness the power of collaborative imagination in our feminist communities by envisioning a distant feminist future. World building is a design-thinking tool which is used often to create sci-fi, fiction, and fantasy narratives in film, video games, and literature.
First we use design thinking activities to facilitate creative visualization and begin to define the rules of our imagined world. Then we will use hands-on construction of various artifacts from our created world and the stories that have captivated our attention.

What do shoes look like in our feminist future? How about currency? The creation of tangible artifacts brings the details of our created world to life.


Paisley Smith is a Canadian virtual reality creator and documentary filmmaker who roots her work in the design thinking process of world building. She studied World Building at the USC School of Cinematic Arts in the newly developed World Building Media Lab, founded by production designer and futurist Alex McDowell.

Caitlin Conlen is a graphic designer, artist and recent graduate from ArtCenter College of Design. Caitlin has used world building techniques to facilitate language and communication for kids with Autism in her previous career as a behavior therapist, and is interested in the power of creative practices as tool for communication.