Grounds & Maintenance Work Day

Sunday, Apr 23, 9am–12:30pm
Presented by the Grounds & Maintenance Committee

Join the Grounds & Maintenance Committee for our quarterly Work Day! Some projects we’ll be working on are replacing broken window handles, installing magnets on the closet door, and installing more fire extinguishers.

This is a great way to get volunteer / work-trade hours that can be used in exchange for a WCCW membership!

1 hour of work a month equals a Torchbearer level membership ($10 value)

2 hours of work a month equals a Warrior level membership ($40 value)

6 hours of work a month equals a Goddess level membership ($125 value)

Memberships and perks are outlined on our website here:

More information about volunteering here.

If interested in volunteering for work trade please email [email protected].

We’re also looking for donations of a few items here!