Boot Camp for Revolutionaries

coalition programming

Sunday, Mar 5, 4-7pm
Saturday, Apr 22, 2–5pm
Saturday, May 27, 2–5pm
Led by Jennifer Moon

There are two basic principles of The Revolution: 1. Always operate from a place of abundance and 2. Always choose the most expansive route. Operating from a place of abundance is synonymous with knowing that you are enough for the mere fact that you exist, which enables a freedom from oppressive systems to create new realities that foster continuous expansion for all on this earth and beyond. In a world largely driven by trauma, how does one operate from a place of abundance? Boot Camp for Revolutionaries is a series of three workshops designed to acknowledge our traumas—and even learn to befriend them—in order to transform trauma into a superpower for connection and revolution.

Please read Definition of Abundance: Principle 1 of The Revolution prior to the workshop.

Beyond Binaries, Hierarchies, and Capital
Sunday, Mar 5th, 4–7pm

Can there be acceptance within resistance? What does it mean to be abundant in a world defined by lack? Is there a hierarchy of trauma? What is your relationship to capital? In this workshop, we will identify the oppressive systems that weigh on you the most as well as develop your distinct abilities to transform any situation into an opportunity for expansion.

Merging Science and Faith
Saturday, Apr 22nd, 2–5pm

Are we interacting with each other or is it our beliefs that are interacting? Who are we beyond our beliefs? This workshop will explore recent discoveries in science such as dark matter and dark energy, quantum physics, cognitive science, gene expression, microbiota and the second brain in our guts, which point to alternative ways of being that can expand our reality beyond the matrix of our beliefs.

Befriending Trauma
Saturday, May 27th, 2–5pm

How do you infuse a similar spirit of revolution to community organizing AND to your personal relationships and interactions with colleagues, friends, family, and social media? This workshop will delve deep into our shame identities forged through trauma to understand how we have learned to give and receive love to transform love into a political force for revolution.


Jennifer Moon is the custodian of The Revolution. The Revolution is a way of being within the unfaltering framework of unadulterated love, committed to creating realities beyond binaries, hierarchies, and capital. For more information on The Revolution, visit and click on The Revolution.