Announcing Collection/Collaboration


A WCCW residency with /five at The Huntington

WCCW is excited to announce our residency at The Huntington as part of their /five initiative!

We selected 7 creative practitioners from nearly 100 applicants whose projects engage questions surrounding collecting: Who is involved in the process of collecting?  What does it mean to encounter a collection?  Who has access to the collections, and at what levels?  What responsibilities come with being a library, a museum, and a botanical garden that collects physical objects of all sorts in an increasingly digital and virtual world?  

Participating Practitioners and Collections they will be working in:

Soyoung Shin, Art Collection: The Bird Catchers
Juliana Wisdom, Art Collection: Sévres Porcelain
Kerrie Welsh, Library: materials related to Sappho
Jheanelle Garriques, Library: Elizabeth Montegue Collection
Olivia Chumacero and Sarita Dougherty: Gardens, California Botanical Gardens and HEH Grounds
Zya Levy: Gardens, Desert Gardens + beyond

Click here for more info and participating artist bios!