Sharing Your Feminist Mentor

coalition programming

Tuesday, Mar 14, 7:30-9:30 PM
Led by Art Muse LA
$5 WCCW Members/ $10 Regular

Art Muse LA invites you to gather for an intergenerational feminist cocktail hour anchored in sharing oral histories and cultivating new alliances. As we look ahead to the challenges in view, it is important to strengthen webs of connection and explore our collective knowledge. From one generation to another, can we ask each other for advice and support in mobilizing change? During this one-night event, let’s manifest as a temporary coalition, plant the seeds of community, and address these essential questions:

(1) In moments of political change, how can past experiences provide knowledge and insight to current events?

(2) What are the benefits of intergenerational sharing? What can older workshop participants pass on to younger participants, and vice versa, so we can learn from each other?

(3) How can we extend our connections and conversations beyond this workshop?

Throughout the evening we will break off into small-group rotations to discuss these questions and additional prompts. We ask participants to bring their intergenerational mentor for this evening to focus on quality interactions with one another in a safe space. We strive to create a non-judgemental environment and kindly ask that people consider bringing guests who might not share the same point of view as their own as a way to encounter and celebrate diversity.

Art Muse Los Angeles is a community of art historians, artists, and educators who offer small groups private art tours – in museums, galleries, artist studios, and private collections – throughout the LA region.

Art Muse LA is founded and run by an intergenerational group of women. We are dedicated, enthusiastic scholars who enjoy sharing our knowledge of art with audiences of all levels of expertise, from the novice to connoisseurs and collectors. Our tours draw on current research and a range of approaches to inspire curiosity, encourage close looking, and invite dialogue.


 While most WCCW programming is free or donation-based, with no one turned away for lack of funds, we do offer some workshops that have fees associated. This covers materials and allows us to pay the leaders of these workshops for their time and expertise, and to put a small percentage back into WCCW. This income, in addition to memberships, is what lets us keep the doors open and the lights on. We want to make programming as accessible as possible to anyone who is interested though, so we also offer volunteer opportunities and free community tickets to each event or workshop (number varies depending on capacity of the class). Email [email protected] for more info or to find out more about this opportunity for a specific event