Civil Punk Yoga

Civil Punk Yoga
Thursday, November 3rd 7:30-9:30pm
$30 members/ $35 regular


#CIVILPUNKYOGA is a special workshop which extends the twice-weekly Kali Yoga #PUNKROCKYOGA classes at Bootleg Theater with the intention of congregating and healing en masse. What is #PUNKROCKYOGA? Radical inclusivity of a healing and wellness practice that is accessible to all ages, ability, genders and identity. What will #CIVILPUNKYOGA workshop be like? In this workshop, we carve out space in our lives for connecting with our community in order to discuss pressing issues, increase communication by learning conflict resolution using age-old yoga sutras, create boundaries by implementing visualizations, and end with a restorative, healing yoga practice which incorporates light partner work. Gathering in this way amplifies healing by creating connection, civility, communion. A crystal punk gift bag will be provided to set and share intentions. WHAT WE’LL COVER Community Discussion – How to use the language and philosophy of yoga to communicate about present issues and resolve conflict. A 75 minute asana practice wherein together we: – Access our root chakra, the center of security, community, safety – Visualizations (bhavanas) – Light partner work – Eye gazing Extended savasana with crystals and aromatherapy WHAT YOU’LL TAKE HOME – Body awareness, community connection, renewal – Tools for creating boundaries in order to focus on healing and restoration – Simple movements to recharge yourself at home in minutes – A crystal punk bag: crystals to set on your nightand and altar to access the intentions you set in class at anytime – Punk pins (Grace Jones or Blondie) to put on your most loved, soul illuminating punk jacket. Taleen Kali teaches #PUNKROCKYOGA and #HANGOVERYOGA every Wednesday and Sunday at 12pm at Bootleg Theater. The Kali Yoga practice is inclusive of all levels, bodies, genders, ages, and abilities and no one is turned away for lack of funds. Taleen discovered yoga in 2012 at Yoga Blend studio in Burbank. The practice helped realign her body, mind and spirit–lessons she kept close while recovering from multiple arm injuries that led to taking a break from playing guitar. After healing and strengthening with the help of yoga, Taleen resumed playing music and decided to train as a yoga teacher, enrolling in Yoga Blend’s 200 hour teacher training. She chose the name Kali Yoga for her teachings–”Kali” being her stage name representing love for her native California, as well as a nod to the Hindu goddess of revolution. Specializing in yoga for musicians and artists, her intention is to bring mindfulness and reduced suffering to anyone who is open to allowing the power of breathwork, movement and sound into their lifestyle practice. For more info, visit


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