The Law of Attraction for Radical Nonconformists Workshop

The Law of Attraction for Radical Nonconformists Workshop
November 4, 2016, 7:30-9:30pm
$10 suggested donation *no one turned away*

“The Secret,” a book and film released in 2006 about using the “Law of Attraction” to attain “health, wealth and happiness,” is one of the best-selling self-help books of all time. Among other things, “The Secret” promises “massive wealth” along with “dream homes” and new cars to those who apply its principles. “The Secret” essentially states that reality can be manifested through one’s thoughts, and that one must simply learn how to envision their desires properly in order to see them realized. In less than six months after “The Secret” was released, nearly 4 million books were in print with more than 2 million DVDs sold in a year.

The technique described by “The Secret”, and indeed by many magical systems, is to simply focus on what you want, think positively, and take steps to obtain your desires. “The Secret” model of the Law of Attraction disregards marginalized groups by ignoring systemic restraints and focusing only on the power of the individual. Additionally, while we all deserve to be compensated well for the services we offer, it is not possible that we as individuals can have as many cars and dream homes as we could possibly want without negatively impacting others or the planet.

In this two hour workshop, we will explore ancient techniques for applying the “Law of Attraction” that are considerate of the whole of the planet, and learn tools for framing wants and desires in a way that is effective and feels healthful for you as an individual. I will introduce the concept of “three brained” wish making and other tools for self actualization. We will use meditation to get in touch with our needs, and then perform a ritual as a group to see them actualized. We will end by repeating this same ritual on behalf of all beings on planet Earth. Together we will explore ways to move from profit-centered, mechanistic models of desiring, to more service-interested, conscious models, holding space and promise for those who are seeking a type of prosperity that has greater awareness and responsibility.

This workshop is facilitated by Eliza Swann.

Eliza Swann is an interdisciplinary artist, tarot reader, teacher, clairvoyant, and hypnotherapist based in Los Angeles. Eliza has trained in hypnotherapy at the Isis Centre in England, Hindu cosmology and yoga with Dr. Vagish Shastri in Benares, India, Tarot and Western Magical Practice with the Builders of the Adytum Western Mystery School, exorcism and energy work with Athena in New York City, meditation and mindfulness at the Insight Meditation Society, and received a Master’s degree in Fine Art from Central St. Martins in London. Eliza is the founder of The Golden Dome School, a Mystery School that explores intersections of art practice, metaphysics, and ecology.