Manifesto 1, of Which There Will Most Certainly Be Many

WCCW is the Women’s Center for Creative Work, a collaboration of Los Angeles-based women engaged in conversations about contemporary feminisms of all kinds. We look backward to the collective energy of 1970s feminist artists and forward to our daughters; the radical women of the future. We have a lot of questions. It might not be our goal to answer them exactly, more like hang out in a space where it is comfortable to ask them. Posing them to each other, to the group and finding solutions in action, in space and through ongoing discussion. Asking is a type of answering. We like the middle of things.

We endeavor to create these asking-spaces in site-specific locations, often rooted in a communal meal, which is called The Women’s Dinner.

A meal is a collective pocket of shared experience deeply connected to the hearth and domestic space, traditionally associated with women and femininity. The dinner is the mascot of the WCCW: A nourishing thing we create together in a context that encourages new future ways to make the world we live in.

WCCW a space to feed a dialogue surrounding contemporary feminism, femininity, womanhood and the creative impulse. You are invited to participate.