We Want to Talk about Feminism Panel and Zine


We are operating in a system of exchanges and language that we were born into, being a woman or a man, a construction of gender in a society based on the idea of the binary. In our questions, and queries into the actual term feminism, we have found resistance to the labeling of one-self as a feminist, feeling that there is some-how negativity attached to this signifier. We are hosting a conversation as an open-ness, as a space from which to explore the historical and present day complicated-ness of calling anything anything, a starting point for a movement about right now, about what we need, about how to be present with the multiplicities of a feminist cause.

Our panel at Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair was very interesting. Questions were raised. Participants spoke about the importance of plurality of definitions, as well as the voices of queers and women of color within contemporary feminism. We filled out questionnaires and created a zine from the findings which was included in our Feminist Dossier that we sold at our table, which we shared with Red76, a kindred collectivist collective from Minneapolis. The Feminist Dossier is a collective publication featuring the small works of many of the women involved in the WCCW. This dossier represents the structure we endeavor to create when we have our building; with both individual studios, and shared work areas. We believe the I is stronger with the We, and the We needs many unique I’s to be able to grow and change.


The dossiers have sold out, but we created a digital version of the zine available here for free download!
Download the We Want to Talk About Feminsm zine here.

1544430_1418276101745578_919091972_nOur table at the Printed Matter LA Art Book Fair.

Alika Cooper
Athena Thebus
Brigitte Nicole Grice
Cindy Rehm
Gelare Khoshgozaran
Guru Rugu
Kate Johnston
Katherine Fontaine
Katie Bachler
Karen Adelman
Laura Brown
Marty Windahl
Meredith Stern
Mirabelle Jones
Moon Church
Rachel Finkelstein
Sarah Fontaine
Sarah Williams