Words Have Wings, a writing workshop

Words Have Wings, a writing workshop
Mondays, September 12th, October 10th and November 14th, 7-9pm.
$5 WCCW Members / $10 Regular

“Words are to be taken seriously. Words set things in motion. I’ve seen them doing it. Words set up atmospheres, electrical fields, charges. I’ve felt them doing it. Words conjure. I try not to be careless about what I utter, write, sing. I’m careful about what I give voice to.”–––Toni Cade Bambara

How do your words influence the ways you move through (or are moved by) the world? How can language trouble our notions of political consciousness, collective belonging, and public expression? In this workshop we will engage with poetry that blur the lines between private and public, paying close attention to how their use of language conjures, builds, and/or rewrites our social environments. Following our discussion, we will embark on a series of writing exercises inspired by our reading.


This workshop would occur once a month. In the first hour we will read and discuss one poem. In the second hour, we will do a series of exercises that speak to the the themes brought up by the beginning poem.

Participants will receive one hand-made notebook. This can be used to record your reflections to our various writing explorations and for beyond

Allison Conner is a writer and zine maker. Her work has appeared in ATTN:, Jacket2, Full Stop, Entropy, The Art Book Review and elsewhere. She enjoys exploring ways in which publishing can realign our notions of community, activation, resistance, and healing.


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