Friday, July 8th, 7-10pm
$15 WCCW Member / $20 Regular
Led By Emily Kramer

This is open to all female-identifying participants.

For this evening, willing attendees are invited to unrobe, one at a time, in front of an audience. For a short time, each participant is encouraged to note aloud, or to themselves, their thoughts and feelings about their body. This is an opportunity to be curious about what comes up when we encounter ourselves, naked, in front of others. There is no specific topic set for the night aside from the mindful consideration of your own form. There will be someone documenting the event and each person can choose whether or not they’d like their segment to be recorded.

Emily Kramer is the co-founder of CAKE and author of The Hot Woman’s Handbook. She enjoys being a little bit on the edge of acceptable and generally likes her body, except for her breasts. This is about to change as they are likely to become a new resource for a nursing baby. She is excited to hear how other women feel about their bodies, now, in this moment in their lives.