Spirituality and Money Group Discussion

Wednesday, June 29th 7-9 PM
Eliza Swann and Grace Kredell

Eliza Swann and Grace Kredell will lead this guided group discussion on spirituality and money, exploring ways that we can collectively and individually articulate right relationship to money and material reality. Together, we will be discussing how contemporary spiritual programs often emphasize spiritual practice as a gateway to abundance, “dreams come true” — with a focus on manifesting wealth for the individual. What do we think we truly need on the material plane and how can we better conceptualize our desires in accordance with a larger vision of collective financial health and well-being? If we are to understand money as simply the passing of energy, how do we wish to direct this flow in our lives so that it is in alignment with our core spiritual values? These and other questions will be collectively navigated. All participants are asked to bring a dollar bill for use in ritual energy exchange and group active imaginative work.