Understanding California’s Ballot Measures

Know Before You Go: Understanding California’s Ballot Measures
Saturday, October 15th, 2-5pm

Know Before You Go: Understanding California’s Ballot Measures is a one-day public workshop intended to educate local voters about issues that will appear on the General Election ballot. While most voters are informed about the Executive and Legislative candidates, they do not have the time or resources to learn about state, county, and city ballot measures. The language of ballot measures is often written to be confusing and it can be difficult to decipher the impact of a proposition on one’s own. Often times only a few measures gain significant media attention, and the others are rarely discussed. As Californians, it is important that we become informed on these measures and have a say in how our state is run. Ballot measures play a direct role in our lives, whether we vote on them or not. This workshop would provide voters a space to have a non-partisan discussion about a selection of key issues that will appear on the ballot in November.

During the workshop, a representative from the nonpartisan political organization, League of Women Voters, will present a series of short presentations on a selected grouping of ballot measures. The speaker will provide vital facts about the measures and address the impact of a “yes” versus “no” vote. After each presentation, there will be an opportunity for audience members to ask questions and share comments. Each presentation is slated to last for 5 minutes and each accompanying question and answer section will be 5-7 minutes. The workshop will be approximately 3 hours with a scheduled midpoint break.
Gracie Dixon and Paulina Samborska are independent curators who work collaboratively to produce interdisciplinary arts programming in Los Angeles. Their work and interests include social practice, environmentalism, community development through the arts, and alternative models of exhibition-making. Gracie and Paulina began working together while studying at USC’s Curatorial Practices and the Public Sphere program and each have experience working with art and cultural organizations in the city including LACMA, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Otis Ben Maltz Gallery and the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

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