Deconstructing Legalize: A Found Poetry Workshop

Deconstructing Legalize: A Found Poetry Workshop
Thursday, October 6th 7:30pm-9:30pm
$5 WCCW Members / $10 Regular

“Deconstructing Legalize” is a found poetry workshop that examines contracts and codes imposed upon us by bureaucratic systems, and reconstructs the language to reclaim our personal histories. The nuances of our health, relationships, advocacy, creativity and identities are often dismantled through the use of legalese, such as rendering the brutality of divorce to capitalistic grievances, or the reducing the declaration of our gender identity to medical records and non-disclosure agreements.

During this workshop, attendees take documents that have undermined significant events in their lives, and reconstruct the jargon into empowering and personalized pieces of writing. They are invited to do so through a physical process of cutting and reconstructing texts.

Renée Reizman is a multidisciplinary artist at the crossroads of curation, writing, and illustration. She has produced and collaborated on a number of performance art and interactive installations and is co-founder of ITSWOLF, a curatorial collective that creates ad hoc communities through social practice. Renée is an MFA candidate in Critical & Curatorial Studies at the University of California, Irvine. She loves her chow-mix Maude, and likes literature, urban planning, dark chocolate, gaudy prints, art + design, space, and afternoon naps.