Creating Coloring Books Workshop

Thursday, May 15, 10am-1pm
$30 Member / $35 Regular

We may already be familiar with the benign children’s coloring book, as we were once crayon-wielding munchkins ourselves. It’s time to rethink this often simplistic medium and explore its potential as something much more inspirational and transformative. A coloring book by its very nature is half-finished. It needs another to bring it to fruition, thereby inviting them to be collaborators. What kind of artful, intellectual, and emotional magic can your coloring book bestow upon your colorist?

We will cover the practical steps of making a coloring book, from drawing, to layout, to paper selection, to basic binding. We will also think and talk about ideas as themes for our coloring books. There will be plenty of time to draw and craft but you might need to bring it home to finish.

The cost of the workshop covers supplies: Black sharpie, graphite pencils, sharpener, eraser, sketching paper, final cardstock paper. And you get to keep these items to finish your coloring book designs after class and on your own.

Eileen Hsu is a graphic designer, writer, zine-maker, DIYer, and general mischief-maker. She sometimes uses highfalutin terminology but all in the name of good ideological exchanges and sometimes necessary tomfoolery.


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