Together We Plan!: Community Activism in 2018

Friday, January 26, 7-9:30pm
Facilitated by Erika Paget & The Future Left
40 participants maximum

2017 was a difficult year for progress and policy, but one thing we’ve seen continuously is that change can happen when local communities come together and get active! Join us as we present our 2018 Planner for Action, a year-long “planner” filled with ways to keep the momentum of change and progress going throughout 2018. The Planner for Action is a to-do list for progressive activism on both small and large scales, from park clean-up days, to calling representatives, and more.

Change is possible and we hope to empower people of all ages to feel like they can get involved and contribute to a better world. The night will consist of a short presentation of the planner followed by a group discussion.

Families, kids, and teens are welcome!

Light refreshments will be provided.

Erika Paget is a Los Angeles native, curator, and activist who believes in the effectiveness of action through community. Her previous events and work can be found at and @spacekelly. The Future Left is a group of politically engaged and progressive young professionals that aim to widen the traditional discourse toward long-term problem solving based on justice, sustainability, and equal opportunity. More information can be found at and @thefutureleft.