How We Organize

A Critical Reading & Discussion Group on Non-Profit Arts Organizing

Mondays, April 25, May 9th & 30th, 7:30-9:30pm

This is a reading and discussion group aims to invite conversation between artists, organizers, and anyone else interested in discussing, critiquing, and alternatives to the non-profit organization as the best model for organizing communities. Readings from The Revolution Will Not Be Funded, an anthology of essays about the industrialization of the non-profit organization model edited by INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence, as well as texts more directly about critiquing the non-profit model for arts organization will be the foundation for our conversation about frustrations with and alternatives to the most mainstream form of organizing available. This group will meet every two weeks and each meeting will have one or two readings (totally around 30-40 pages) as the foundation for conversation.


1. The Revolution Will Not Be Funded, Introduction; “The Political Logic of the Non-Profit Industrial Complex,” by Dylan Rodriguez;
2. “Fundraising Is Not A Dirty Word,” by Stephanie Guilloud and William Cordery;
3. “There Is No Alternative: THE FUTURE IS SELF-ORGANIZED” by by Anthony Davies, Stephan Dillemuth and Jakob Jakobsen; and more.

Sophie Trauberman is a Los Angeles based organizer and artist. Her experience working in the non-profit field has created a desire for space to engage in a critical dialogue with others involved in arts non-profits. Topics she is interested in include organizing, frustrations with foundation funding, and whether there are better options for organizing bodies that are possible for us all. She holds a degree in Philosophy from Lewis & Clark College and currently splits her time working as a freelance grant writer, a social media manager, a copy editor, and a research assistant for various individual artists and organizations.

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