The Vessel and the Void: Scrying 101

Saturday, Apr 23, 6-8pm
$35 Regular / $30 WCCW Members

There are few exercises that can get us into the oracular state as deeply as scrying. Scrying comes from the Old English word descry meaning “to make out dimly” or “to reveal.” Scrying is an auto-deepening trance practice, traditionally achieved by staring into a smooth black surface. Ancient Egyptians used bowls filled with ink and blood, Aztecs used slabs of obsidian, Ancient Persians used a chalice filled with water, the Celts used darkened brass plates, and many contemporary diviners simply paint a mirror black. My favorite technique for scrying is to fill a bowl or vessel with water and sumi ink so that you have a deep black abyss to stare into -you can use the ink from your divining session to paint or write with afterward. During this two hour workshop we will make our own individual scrying vessels out of clay, learn the history and meaning of the art, and practice scrying together as a group. All participants will be sent home with a scrying vessel, a workbook, and tools and techniques for finding guidance and illumination through the ancient art of staring into the void.

Eliza Swann is an interdisciplinary artist, tarot reader, teacher, clairvoyant, and hypnotherapist based in Los Angeles. Eliza has trained in hypnotherapy at the Isis Centre in England, Hindu cosmology and yoga with Dr. Vagish Shastri in Benares, India, Tarot and Western Magical Practice with the Builders of the Adytum Western Mystery School, and has recently received a Master’s degree in Fine Art from Central St. Martins in London. Her work has been exhibited internationally – most recently at the Beijing Film Academy in Beijing, China and Oxford Modern Art in Oxford, England. She is the founder of the Golden Dome School, a nomadic mystery school dedicated to studying the triangulation between art, science, and spirit for the advancement of planetary consciousness.

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