How to Have Hard Conversations:

Step 2, Constructive Conflict Communication
at Work, Home and Everywhere In Between

Wednesday, Dec 13, 7-10pm
Facilitated by
 Cecilia Sibony
$16 Members* / $20 Regular
Maximum 16 participants

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In today’s increasingly divisive society, we face hard conversations every day, whether it’s disagreements with colleagues, partners or friends or political spats with family members. Will that conflict be constructive or destructive? Will you walk away destroying a relationship and feeling badly or deepening and strengthening even the most challenging relationships?

Luckily, it is possible to steer these conflicts toward constructive conversations through a set of communication and facilitation skills, honed over the years in the practices of conflict resolution, facilitation and mediation. In this interactive workshop, we will learn – and most importantly practice – active listening, reframing, paraphrasing, how to identify positions versus interests, and storytelling. This will prepare you to have these difficult conversations; leaving you feeling at peace, and with relationships intact.

*This workshop is Part 2 of a series on Having Hard Conversations. The workshop on Conflict Triggers is not a pre-requisite to this one, but we encourage you to attend both as they represent a holistic approach to managing conflict (and will be offered again in January.)*

After almost a decade working on conflict resolution and community building among Israelis and Palestinians, Cecilia Sibony recently moved to Los Angeles to launch a tahini business with a mission to bridge divided communities with the help of food. In the Middle East, Sesamaise Tahini tries to build productive relationships between Israeli and Palestinian family businesses. In Los Angeles, she uses her skills and experiences in conflict resolution to help individuals and communities navigate difficult conflicts and conversations constructively. In her free time, she’s usually thinking about or planning her next meal.

Previous Programming

Step 1, Managing Conflict “Triggers” at Work, Home and Everywhere In Between
Wednesday, Oct 4, 7–10pm
Hosted by Cecilia Sibony
Max 16 participants
$8 Member* / $10 Regular

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Dreading conflict is as natural and inevitable as conflict itself. Who enjoys the pressure on your chest that tends to accompany an escalating conflict? As much as some of us may not like it, when managed constructively and practiced as a skill, conflict can deepen and strengthen even the most challenging relationships. The goal of this two-hour, interactive workshop is to practice basic skills for those first moments of conflict: the moment of trigger. We will share stories of real conflicts you’ve experienced, identify our own individual triggers, and learn methods to manage them that pave the way for constructive communication. Activity schedule includes: conflict storytelling, presenting triggers and identification of personal triggers, group brainstorm on methods to manage triggers, and role playing conflict stories mindful of trigger and management method.

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