Fall Yoga Series

Hosted by Harpreet Kaur
Saturdays, 10:30-11:30am
$12 Member* / $15 Regular

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Canceled: Saturday October 21
Shoulder Openers

Opening up the Potential for More Joy! Shoulder Openers is our Theme for this Saturday’s hour class. Our Second Ball and Joint Theme. As always, post our vinyasa we will complete our Sadhana with some self soothing massages with custom made aromatherapy oils / salve and discussion to discuss our relationship with our shoulders and Joy.

Canceled: Saturday November 4
Mala Mantra Flow II

Like Mala Mantra Flow I, this class will flow like a mantra across the beads between your fingers. This class will be dedicated to finding our meditation within our Vinyasa Flow. In this class we will workshop Mantra’s, old and new. For our Vinyasa , clear variations / options will be available create ease for each individual regardless of familiarity to the practice, strength and or flexibility. This meditative Flow Sadhana will start to challenge our inner voice as familiarity often breeds discontent. This flow truly preps you to establish a foundation to building your meditative practice or just allows you to truly warm up your joints and create a deeper breath. I highly encourage all to start to feel and express themselves in this dance and rhythm of your individual flow. The process of repetition allows your body to slowly deepen it’s practice as well as creates an inner calm within one’s being. Please Bring a yoga mat, any props you use, some water to drink and maybe something to cover your eyes when resting in shavasana.

Canceled: Saturday November 18
*DETOXIFY* Twist Workshop

Let’s Do the Twist.

We will practice a flow heavy laced in twists. From Active Asana’s to Restorative yin poses. Come Join us and find out how to use your breathe and asana to help cleanse, de-stress and restore vitality to your organs.

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Past Programming

Saturday Sept 23
$12 Member* / $15 Regular

A whole class dedicated to find the meditation in Flow. A meditative  practice in constant vinyasa flow. The whole class will flow like a mantra across the beads in your hands. We will start with specific sun and moon salutations and it will continue through the majority of class. The feeling of dance and rhythm will be a huge part of the experience. The process of repetition allows your body to slowly deepen it’s practice as well as creates an inner calm within one’s being. Aligning with our physical practice, we will workshop prayers/mantra’s old and new. Please Bring a yoga mat, any props you use, some water to drink and maybe something to cover your eyes when resting in shavasana.

Saturday Sept 9
10:15 -11:30am
$20 Regular / $15 Members

This Workshop is specifically designed to concentrate on Hip Openers. We hold our Emotions in our Hips, Our Pelvic Bowl is our Junk Drawer. Let us work on strengthening our inner muscular and build awareness through  learning how to communicate with our skeletal structure safely through Specific Asana. Along with specific Kundalini Kriya’s to realign any sticky subconscious memory that is stuck to our hips and stored in our pelvis. Please Bring a yoga mat, any props you use, some water to drink and maybe something to cover your eyes when resting in shavasana.

Saturday August 12
10:15 -11:30am
$15 Regular / $10 Members

Come join us in a workshop of heart openers. This workshop will focus on shame and dismantling the idea of the disconnected self in a safe group environment through a writing. The structure of this workshop assures anonymity if desired. Come join us in asana, song, conversation and community.

Please bring a Yoga Mat, Some Water and maybe something to put over your eyes when resting in shavasana. All is welcomed to share brunch in the area after event.