DIY PhD Back 2 (un)School Night

Sunday, September 23, 2-5pm
Hosted by artist-in-residence Sarita Dougherty & David Whitaker
Max 50 participants
Free  / RSVP

Kick off your personal Fall Semester at the DIY PhD Back 2 (un)School Night!

Sarita Dougherty and David Whitaker started DIY PhD in 2014, after searching for a higher education program to meet their physical, spiritual, emotional needs as well as their academic and artistic ones. The DIY PhD cohort has inspired a Bay Area DIYMFA, a DIY Education cohort (2015), and now a Women’s Center for Creative Work cohort as part of Sarita Dougherty’s Fall 2018 Unschooling quarter residency.

At the DIY PhD Back 2 (un)School Night, Sarita & David will share their methodologies so you can kick-off your own DIY Education this Fall, regardless of institutional or academic affiliations.

The program includes:

  • Physical, spiritual, emotional, academic & artistic “check-ins”
  • Creating a school-year calendar & ideal learning scenes for the near and distant futures
  • Tapping into spirit guides and ancestors who might help you locate your educations
  • Articulating the deep learning desires in our collective hearts and souls
  • Visiting the river to get present with the schools contained in local landscapes
  • Mapping next steps for your DIY Education to flourish
  • Q&A with DIY PhD Fall 2020 candidates David and Sarita

Come find out what your own DIY PhD might look like. Let’s Kick-Off the Fall Semester!


  • Your favorite sketchbook or journal to write and draw in
  • Any colored pens/markers you love!

** Sarita will facilitate the WCCW DIY PhD Cohort on Sunday afternoons during the fall Unschooling quarter. The bi-weekly program starts Sunday, Sept. 30, 2-5 PM. Please register to join! Space is limited. **

Sarita Dougherty is the artist in residence during the fall quarter at WCCW. As part of her residency, Sarita will facilitate a DIY PhD cohort based on her and David Whitaker’s methodologies as well as her own research into living practices. Sarita understands a living practice as daily life and life’s work that support health in body-mind-spirit as well as ecosystem. Her home is the first point of departure for her research, and she draws maps to locate that learning, called cosmologies. To redraft cosmologies back to connection is where she finds liberation. Her dissertation includes texts from eco-feminists of color; women who teach from an earth-centered cosmology, as well as an auto-ethnography on her own learning and produce of that learning. Sarita shares excerpts of her dissertation and methodologies at

Accessibility information for this event: WCCW has a 36” wide ramp at our front entrance and a stairway with 8 steps and a rail. There are 2 gender neutral restrooms. One restroom is wheelchair accessible, with a handrail. We provide scent free soaps and encourage guests to attend our events scent free. If you require ASL interpretation, CART, interpretation for a language other than English, supervised childcare, or have any other access needs or questions, please contact [email protected] at least two weeks in advance. It is our practice to do everything we can to create a safe and accessible space.