Spell to Devour Patriarchy Workshop

SPELL TO DEVOUR PATRIARCHY – Healing Our Relationship With The Father

Friday, April 22, 2016, 7-10pm
$25 WCCW Members / $35 Regular

You see the father as something separate from you. The power and failings of the father. That’s why you need to integrate it. To eat it. To process it and become energized by it.

That message, while initially channeled through me and directed towards one woman, was a message I realized that many people, including myself, needed to hear. I saw how the earth mother will eat patriarchy. Will consume all the monumental buildings, the banks and trade centers constructed by patriarchy. That within the body of the mother, within the body of the earth, even the most powerful and destructive forces are processed and transformed into new life.

The spell that we will perform during the “Spell to Devour Patriarchy” ceremony are not aimed against men. The object of this work is not to alienate men, denigrate fatherhood, or punish anyone. Instead, the goal is to recognize that the power of “The Father” as a trope or historical ideal is not something alien to those of us who have felt oppressed by it. That in fact, within our own bodies we can shape and transform that power into a tool for healing and creativity.

Doing this work, many of us will also recognize that beyond the abstract concept of “The Patriarchy”, healing needs to happen with the literal father figures and other traditional holders of authority in our own lives. After doing this work, participants should expect to feel empowered and bold, energized, more able to execute important work within themselves and the world around them. Many of the participants will experience a marked shift in the way they relate to the father figures in their lives that will grow in power as the year unfolds.

Performed on the Full Moon in Scorpio, the “Spell To Devour Patriarchy” workshop is likely to be quite emotional and daring, and may take up to 3 hours. But know too that this kind of work is also some of the most profound magick one can do; I expect us to achieve great results. Please feel free to contact me before you sign up if you have any questions about participating. Victory to the Goddess!  

Amanda Yates Garcia is a writer, artist and professional witch based in Los Angeles. She leads workshops, reads tarot, conducts shamanic and other healing ceremonies under her title as the Oracle of Los Angeles (www.oracleoflosangeles.com). Her events have been featured in Time Out and the LA Weekly and various other publications. As an art witch she has appeared as “Real World Witch” at ESMOA and in the “Tapping the 3rd Realm” exhibition at the Laband and Ben Maltz galleries. Stay connected with the Oracle by signing up to her mailing list at www.oracleoflosangeles.com/opt-in

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