WCCW Design Fellowship

The WCCW Design Fellowship program was created by co-founder and graphic designer Kate Johnston as part of her transition away from the organization in 2018. The fellowship program responds to a need that we saw occuring–a catch 22 which many burgeoning organizations and projects can find themselves in: Some folx have a great idea and want to start an organization, but they don’t have the tools to promote themselves and apply for funding because they have not yet developed a graphic identity, website and social media presence. They need to bring on a designer to help create these materials, but they don’t have the funding to pay them, and they can’t get the funding until they have a website to send out to potential funders!  

The WCCW was able to be so successful early on in part because Kate, as a co-founder, had ownership over the project and was able to build the organization’s identity, website and social media presence starting on day one, rather than these essential pieces being added later once there was funding to bring on a designer as an outside contractor.

This experience was integral to the WCCW’s early success, and the WCCW design fellowship program seeks to replicate this success in other burgeoning organizations by proving emerging designers with the tools and experience to lend their hand in creating kindred organizations from the ground up. We feel that, rather than being brought in as contractors after a project has already been initiated, graphic designers are indispensable collaborators at the very founding of new organizations and projects, where their expertise in communication, audience engagement, and system building is much needed and valued.

The WCCW Design Fellowship Program is for emerging graphic designers who can bring different working methodologies which speak to the changing nature of design, focusing on larger, complex, multi-part projects that include graphic design’s traditional output like booklets and social media, but that also go further to think about the holistic idea of design as an integral part of an organization.

Program Goals

  1. To fulfill our mission of cultivating LA’s feminist practices and projects by giving emerging designers needed experience and tools working in a nonprofit community organization so they can lead within kindred organizations in the future.
  2. To take an active role in the publication, distribution and circulation of feminist resources.

Each WCCW Design Fellowship is 13 months long, with new terms starting every fall.

The call for next year’s design fellow will open in the Summer of 2019.

WCCW Design Fellowship Alumni


Mj Balvanera
Fall 2018-Fall 2019


The 2018-2019 Artist in Residence program is made possible through the support of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.