WCCW Design Fellowship Call

This call closed at 11:59pm on July 23, 2018

Selection Process Schedule (may be subject to change):

August 1-31, 2018: Application review
September 5-19, 2018: Interviews
September 21:, 2018: Final Decision Made by Committee, fellow notified
October 1: Fellowship Start Date

Please email [email protected] with any questions


The WCCW Design Fellowship Program is for emerging graphic designers who can bring different working methodologies which speak to the changing nature of design, focusing on larger, complex, multi-part projects that include graphic design’s traditional output like booklets and social media, but that also go further to think about the holistic idea of design as an integral part of an organization.

The Design Fellow (DF) is chosen via an open call to work in residence at the WCCW. The DF works closely with the WCCW team on the day to day management of our communications and engagement, as well as in the design thinking capacities of identifying challenges and proposing solutions.

Program Goals

1. To fulfill our mission of cultivating LA’s feminist practices and projects by giving emerging designers needed experience and tools working in a nonprofit community organization so they can lead within kindred organizations in the future. The DF initiative is a resource to train more designers to go into our field where their expertise in communication, audience engagement, and system building is much needed and valued.

2. To take an active role in the publication, distribution and circulation of feminist resources. Graphic design is a field which centers these systems. This initiative focuses on making public the materials and resources produced through the WCCW’s programming, artist residencies, and our own organizational development.

Fellowship Details

Each WCCW Design Fellowship is 13 months long, with terms beginning every fall. During the last month of each DF term, the outgoing DF will help to train and orient the incoming fellow for a transition period of one month. This facilitates network building and community intention through a cohort of design practitioners who, through our DF initiative, will gain the valuable tools to help found kindred organizations of their own.

For the duration of the fellowship, the DF works closely with the WCCW team, together with our Communications Manager in creating our in house media. Approximately 60% of their time is dedicated by our regular communications needs, such as our monthly Bulletin Zine and various booklets, broadsheets, invites and flyers for our events and programs. About 40% of the fellow’s time is allocated for self directed projects, such as special print publications and/or screen-based platforms, using content produced through the WCCW’s programming, artist residencies, and our own organizational development.


Application Info for Design Fellowship Term 1

October 1, 2018–November 30, 2019

$20,000 for the 13 month fellowship

Time Commitment
Approximately 20 hours per week. Fellows are expected to work in house at the WCCW 2 full days per week during the term of the fellowship.

Qualified candidates should possess:

–Either a degree in graphic design or three years consecutive experience working as a graphic designer
–Expertise in the Adobe Creative Suite; nominally InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, any other programs are a plus!
–Excellent typography skills
–Direct and open oral and written communication skills
–An active curiosity about the current evolving media landscapes
–An excitement for being a team player, self starting sensibility, and comfortable working in a fast-paced, collaborative, open office environment

Candidates are ideally emerging graphic designers intent on building their own feminist practice in the nonprofit, self publishing, and/or social justice sectors.

How to Apply

Qualified candidates kindly email a single pdf portfolio to [email protected] containing the following:

1. Cover letter responding to these questions:

-What are your personal politics and how do they (or could they) inform your design practice?

-How does collaboration work within your practice?

-How could your design practice benefit our current communications and visual content?

-In general, why are you are interested in the WCCW Design Fellowship program?

2. Resume outlining related work experience, education, and skills.

3. Five relevant work samples

Application Deadline
July 23, 2018