Open Call for Programs 2020

“Proposal” Proposals ~ Through 2020

For the foreseeable future, we will freshen up our way of doing things, seeing things, connecting, sharing wisdom, sharing space—or not.  Although the world seems to have slowed down, we still have lots to do and we must do it differently. This year, we’ll focus on content, but also, work in new structures and mediums, specifically, we’ve added an ongoing film series, and we’ll mirror Co-Conspirator Press in building our IGTV library.  New forms create opportunities for new sorts of programming and programmers to flourish, while some programs should be reworked for digital  formats. 

We’re looking for “Proposal” Proposals: we’ll manage mortal and material realities posed by COVID-19, it’s antecedents and aftermaths, work through best strategies in navigating an election season, and beyond. How do you propose we organize and connect differently? Take care of one another? Adjust our creative practices? Consider personhood, selves, and “Others?” Artists imagine worlds beyond the one we’re living in now. What are you imagining, and how can you teach others to share that vision with you? We’ll be looking for your most visionary proposals, to add to our online programming schedule (where we’ll meet until we resume in person programming, and will sustain in a different capacity after we’re able to meet in person). We’re excited to engage internet communities and have the opportunity to host more spatially diverse and accessible conversations: time to dream big…or consider the need to dream small. These programs will be offered through December 2020.

Open Call is now closed. We will review applications from now through August, and re-open applications in September 2020.

Types of programs we are looking for:

Art & Social Justice

We welcome program proposals that bring art and social justice into the same conversation, or that use creative work to address a feminist issue (for example through performance, a discussion of an art work, through reading groups, etc.) Some good examples of programs like this are this performance lecture, this panel, and this group discussion.

Creative Work

We invite proposals for hands-on workshops that teach a specific skill or technique (like this or this).

Life Skills & Professional Development

We also like workshops that help women & nonbinary creatives develop useful life skills, like communicating more effectively, taking care of your car, or getting real with money. We encourage anyone with a skill to share to apply, regardless of the quarterly theme.

Brand New: IGTV

We’re trying out IGTV as a format for sharing shorter programs. Check out the Co—Conspirator Press IGTV videos for ideas on what that may look like, and remember, it’s a new form: stay true to the core values and get creative.

Who Should Propose A Program?

In alignment with our Core Values, we prioritize proposals that center people who have historically been marginalized in feminist and art spaces. This includes programs lead by and/or centering people of color (especially Black or Indigenous people), trans* and non binary people, and disabled people.

Why is this important?

WCCW makes a dedicated effort to challenge cis-hetero-patriarchy; white-supremacy; and exclusionary, colonial, capitalist, and ableist systems. Marginalized groups are often most equipped to critique and survive under oppressive systems, which is why everyone benefits when people from those groups are in positions of leadership.

We’re invested in creating value around the cultural production of women and nonbinary folx through supporting their exhibitions, programming, publishing, businesses, and other artistic and creative projects. All program hosts are paid, regardless of income from the program. (More info on that here.)

*Trans and cis women and non binary folx are welcome and encouraged to propose and lead programs.

For more information on application timeline, programming restrictions and guidelines, program fees and compensation, please visit our Programming page.