February 24-26, 2017
Preview on February 23
MOCA Geffen Contemporary
152 N Central Ave, 90012

We are excited to be tabling again this year at Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair! We will be in the Friendly Fires section, along with other awesome organizations such as Just Seeds and High Desert Test Sites, to name a few! We will be selling our awesome WCCW merch, along with amazing items from our community, come say hi!

We will also be presenting the following workshop, check out all the other awesome programming at the Book Fair here!

Making Art During Fascism
Saturday February 25,  11am–12pm
Led by Beth Pickens
LAABF Classroom

Artists are essential in resisting and dismantling fascism. Throughout history and through the present, you instigate, question, provoke; you provide humor, creative impulse, reflection, serenity, validation. In light of our country’s political swing toward white supremacy and hate, artists need the emotional, financial, physical, and spiritual support to sustain their work. At this event, and weekly at WCCW, you are invited to show up, listen, and share: support, resources, community-building and connecting, information, and methods to enter every movement. You will receive a free, written guide with tips for making art during fascism, which will also be available for purchase as WCCW’s booth.

Works for sale at our table:

Making Art During Fascism 2.0 Zine
By Beth Pickens
Designed and Printed by WCCW
Special edition designed and risograph printed by the WCCW to accompany the workshop described below. All proceeds benefit the Women’s Center for Creative Work

Feminism, Birding, & Unexpected Models for Community Change
By Rosalind Hefland & Yanina Spizzirri
Created after a Feminist Birding Workshop exploring “the feminist origins of popular birding and the impact of birding, in turn, on how we civically engage to enact change.’ Workshop developed & taught by Rosalind Helfand at the Women’s Center for Creative Work on October of 2016.

A book of poetry by Linda Ravenswood
Pushcart nominee for Poetry, Mouthfeel Press, 2013

Squeeze Magazine
By Hannah Vainstein
Squeeze Magazine is a Women’s Health and Sex zine.  The first volume of Squeeze focuses on the Art of Bathing. Like the traditional tantric text, it offers folk remedies for different parts of the body including the importance of brushing your hair and dry brushing your skin, to the Taoist Deer Exercise for balancing hormones, the health of the orgasm and a recipe for bone broth to keep your joints healthy.
$22 ~ $5 of each copy sold will be donated to Planned Parenthood

Back of a Chair
By Amanda Andersen and Emily Morishita
Back of a Chair explores the life and times of a female chair navigating the current dating scene. The reader can relate to an independent chair who is also looking for love and fun and affection. She uses technology to find a suitable mate, and she can also stand on her own four legs.
$5 all proceeds go to Planned Parenthood

By Ariane Vielmetter
This 27 page perfect-bound artist book was written on the eve of the 2016 presidential election, and meditates on the California landscape, catastrophes both man-made and natural, and on the meaning of citizenship.

Would Be Saboteurs Take Heed #3
Would Be Saboteurs Take Heed, a community-based publication featuring Asian-American Pacific Islander (AAPI) artists and writers from around the world.
Love & Struggle — featuring art, writing, and activism by: Alan Nagakawa, Amy Uyematsu, Carol Zou, Cat Chiang, Guan Rong, huang xiao mei + mei mei + zhao wen + feng yuan, Jennifer Moon, Pearl C. Hsiung + Michael C. Hsiung, Ranu Mukherjee, Scott Oshima, Satpreet Kahlon, Seo Yun Son, Surface, Tomorrow Girls Troop, and Toro Castaño.

Loud Laugh
by Salima Allen
A collection of colors and memories

The Furies
by Krista Buecking, Akina Cox, Gilda Davidian, Ariane Vielmetter and Esther Pearl Watson
43 pages, Risograph artist book.
The Furies explores voids and chasms, margins and marginalia, dead ends and ghost images, surfaces and holes. What connects the artists is their appreciation of language – the kind of language that gets lost in translation, language with multiple meanings, language that exists only as a spoken thing, language that is deceitful.  Krista Buecking, Akina Cox, Gilda Davidian, Ariane Vielmetter and Esther Pearl Watson work as a circle of artists without easy definition, exploring ideas of belonging and not belonging in different kinds of communities.

Women’s March Prints
by Bullhorn Press
$35 ~ 50% goes to Planned parenthood or ACLU

Collage Zine by Allison Connor

Third Visions #2
by Allison Connor
With work by Ann Kremen, Salina Mahoney, Center for Afrofuturist Studies, Brianna Sancious, Regine Darius, Sara Ellen Fowler, Lauren Lim, Elisabeth Houston, and Soyoung Shin
An arts zine broadcasting and channeling the range of creative practices & interruptions enacted by women of color and their collaborators.

Protest 101
by Bronwyn Mauldin
Your guide for how to protest like a pro, demo like a demi-god, march like a mofo, and act as if democracy depends on you. [20 pg., b/w, hand stapled]

How to Recognize Voter Suppression in its Habitat Naturel
by Bronwyn Mauldin
A guide to voter suppression and what can you do about it. [20 pg., b/w, hand stapled]

By Carol Zou
A short essay regarding a comparative look at the displacement of artist capital from California to Texas.

Contributors / Collaborators: Nicole Kelly, Hyunjee Nicole Kim, and Phoebe Ünter
Translator: Elisa Ortega Montilla
A zine published by Intersectionality NOW on the occasion of the Los Angeles Women’s March (January 21, 2017), and recently translated into Spanish.
$1.00 (suggested donation)