Parenting as Protest

Hiwar (حِوار): A Transformative Dialogue Across Cultures

Sunday June 4, 10 – 12 pm
Led by Gilda Davidian & Rula Othman

We live in a deeply polarized time where meaningful dialog across differences seems often to have broken down.  Please join us for a morning of self-exploration and critical engagement led by Rula Othman, founder of The Empowered Arab Sisterhood, as we discover how to adapt our perceptions and actions to better communicate authentically with those with whom we do not share common political opinions and beliefs. In conjunction with the Parenting as Protest monthly meeting.  Children are welcome. For more information please email [email protected].

This group is intended to create a space for parents who are or who want to be engaged in social justice, movement building, advocacy, grassroots organizing, and other forms of protest to reflect, share concerns, collect resources, practice solidarity, and make choices about how to take achievable action with the support of other parents. Each monthly meeting will offer a topic for discussion, as well as time for open dialogue. Guest speakers and opportunities to share resources and make commitments to take action will also be included. Contact [email protected] with questions about event.