Making Art During Fascism

Sundays, 1-3pm –starting December 11, 2016 & ongoing until February 26, 2017
Hosted by Beth Pickens, M.Ed.

Artists are essential in resisting and dismantling fascism. Throughout history and through the present, you instigate, question, provoke; you provide humor, creative impulse, reflection, serenity, validation. In light of our country’s political swing toward white supremacy and hate, artists need the emotional, financial, physical, and spiritual support to keep sustain their work.

Each week, You are invited to show up, listen, and share: support, resources, community-building and -connecting, information, and methods to enter every movement.  You will receive a free, written guide with tips for making art during fascism (formerly during capitalism.)

Hosted by Beth Pickens, M.Ed.