Feminist Birding Workshop

Feminism, Birding & Unexpected Models for Community Based Change
Sunday, October 16th, 10am-1pm


Bring your binoculars, notebooks, and cameras to this active workshop exploring the feminist origins of popular birding and the impact of birding, in turn, on how we civically engage to enact change. We’ll start at the WCCW with a little history and then head out to the LA River where we’ll walk, observe, and periodically stop and talk about unexpected models for community based change, beginning with the relationship between the simple act of enjoying birds and the environmental conservation movement, and including contemporary examples from across Los Angeles. Participants will be encouraged to develop their own ideas for unexpected civic engagement projects and outline plans to make them a reality by the end of the workshop. They’ll also, hopefully, have a great record of birds sighted along the way!

Please bring:
* Water & snacks
* Sunscreen
* Walking shoes
* Hat
* Notebook & pen or pencil
* Camera
* Binoculars
* & download the iNaturalist app onto your phone

Rosalind Helfand is a nonprofit organization and public policy consultant in Los Angeles. She’s worked on numerous environmental and political campaigns, directed state award-winning community programs for the city of West Hollywood, and has taught women’s leadership courses and workshops. She specializes in broad-based and effective community engagement and participation, and is currently working with Literature for Life on a program to bring local, contemporary literature to L.A. classrooms. In her spare time, she volunteers for the Natural History Museum’s Citizen Science program, and is an avid birder.