Activism & Art: Protest Sign Making Workshop

Wednesday, January 18th, 7-10pm

With so many issues shaking our world today, more and more people are speaking up for their beliefs. One way thousands of people are expressing themselves are at marches and protests.
This January we are giving you the opportunity, resources and support to let your voice be heard through the design and production of an effective protest sign, banner, poster or flag. Put your fire and creativity to work — tell the world what matters to you!
There is no wrong way to make a protest sign, but we are here to make yours stand out! All ages and levels of creativity are welcome. Before we start laying out our signs, we’ll share a few tips, ideas and inspiration.
CAN’T ATTEND A PROTEST, BUT STILL WANT TO PARTICIPATE? That’s OK! Make a sign for your lawn! Donate your sign to a cause! Contribute to an upcoming event! If you choose to donate your sign we will pass it along to people who will put it to good use.
This class is open to all, regardless of artistic talent or political views. Nobody will be turned away, but we do want to make this experience a very positive, empowering and creative one for all attendees (including children) — so please choose your words and images carefully.
1) Your ideas, short slogans, words and/or thumbnail sketches.
2) Materials you want to use for your sign.
*Some tools will be available to help you along, but we encourage you to bring all the materials you think you will need to make the sign you have in mind. Keep the dimensions manageable, and make sure the materials you bring are durable and light weight. Feel free to bring extra materials to share!
Material suggestions: Posterboard, foamcore, cardboard, markers, water-based paint and paintbrushes, foam paintbrushes, markers, pencils, stencils, razor blades, erasers, tape, glue, staple guns and so on.
Alyssa Archambault of Bee’s Knees Sign Co. will lead the workshop. Alyssa grew up in Long Beach, CA and is a graduate of the Sign Graphics program at LATTC — the only sign painting program left of its kind. She has worked and played in various creative worlds, from theater and music to painting and …beekeeping! Whether commercially or artistically, Alyssa uses the artistic medium of sign-making to invite a call to action, and she will teach you the processes and skills required to get your message out.
Bee’s Knees Sign Co. and Trade School LA have partnered up with Women’s Center for Creative Work to host this protest sign making workshop.