Activating Your faith in Community Workshop

Activating Your faith in Community Workshop
November 11, 2016, 7:30-9pm
$10 members/$15 regular

There are so many “hot button” political issues rooted in the name of “Faith” with a capital “F” that can be divisive. When feminists come together, there can be a more expansive understanding of faith.

This workshop is designed to engage people in the spirit that WCCW describes, “of generosity & joy.” The purpose of this workshop is not to talk about religion, but to activate discourse about a meaningful topic and introduce ourselves to intersectional understandings. This is the personal side in the process of social participation between community members.

This activity is designed to engage people who we are intrinsically linked to our lives, through a feminist network and community, about faith. Conversations spark connection and more often than not curiosity about our own choices or structure we see our beliefs through. The workshop is really a conduit for a dialogue that will contribute to a “radically expansive understanding of feminism, what is a woman & what is female experience.”


Laura Riley is a heart-centered writer whose work crosses over genres. What remains consistent is a passion to connect and help shift perspective, if that is what is needed. Laura’s writing and other work, including her part-time social justice lawyering and yoga teaching, starts from a place of service. You can find Laura in her Los Angeles home spending time with her many pets, outdoors somewhere, or on the search for good pain au chocolat and coffee.

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