WCCW at LAABF 2015

January 30 – February 1, 2015 MOCA Geffen: 152 North Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012 Opening: January 29th, 6-9pm. Purchase tickets to the Opening Reception   Newsletter-graphics2015_geffen-map We are so excited to table again this year at Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair! You have to come down and see us in the Friendly Fires Section – we’ll be hosting a site-specific pop-up community space which investigates the collective nature of feminist production, circulation and distribution. We look towards those practices of distributing media in real space which are social, production-oriented and decentralized. Check out all our programming for the weekend below and see you there! LAABF2015_Community-marketplace- Alongside publications from our recent projects and programming, we will be hosting a community marketplace for our members to distribute their own publications. We’re excited to have books, zines and other printed matter from: Laida Aguirre, Amabelle Aguiluz, Elena Bajo, Angel Chen, Michelle Cho, Carrie Cook, Akina Cox, Nikki Darling, Gilda Davidian, Lenae Day, Econo Textual Objects, Claire L. Evans, Lauren Moya Ford, Raquel Gutiérrez, Rachel Elizabeth Jones, Jessica Fleischmann, Harpreet Kaur, Siri Kaur, Theresa Knopf, Wendy Lee, Ali Liebegott, Sarah Manuwal, Christina Catherine Martinez, Amanda McCarty, Eydie McConnell, Jacqueline Morr, Michelle Alexis Newman, Pants Magazine, Christopher Payne, Renée Reizman, Sandy, SELFISH, Sensitive Boys, Soyoung Shin, Estelle Srivijittakar, Valerie Suter, Gina Young, and Sarah Zucker. LAABF2015_workers-in-residence Also, awesomely, we’ll be joined by a rotating cast of special guests in casual conversation and site specific projects in our discussion nook! Peep the schedule of rad ladies in residence: Thursday January 29th (Opening Night Party) 6-9pm – Feminist Library on Wheels F.L.O.W will help us kick the fair off with class! Come down and browse selections from their feminist library, sign yourself up for a library card and take home a few pertinent texts. Friday January 30 5-7pm – Soyoung Shin An Object For Measuring Distance are postcards from Soyoung’s photo series by the same name, inspired by processes used in lunar ranging. She’ll chillin and chatting about these and other things.  Saturday January 31 12-1pm – Raquel Gutiérrez Raquel will be on hand to display and discuss the happenings of her awesome her Bay Area-based press Econo Textual Objects. 1-2pm – Wendy Lee Wendy will be in residence to answer questions about her process and her new novel, Across a Green Ocean: A Novel (Kensington 2015). 2-3pm – Harpreet Kaur Harpreet works with the under-represented ideas of philosophy & identity in an overly-cliched world of exercising and marketing. She’ll be there to tell you how many Sanskrit words you actually know. 3-5pm – Claire L. Evans Posting up with her pop-up feminist science fiction reading room, Claire will happily talk to you about the mysteries of the universe.  Sunday February 1st 1-2pm – Sarah Manuwal Sarah will debut Into The Sun, Vol. 1, 2015, is a zine/book detailing accounts of unexplained phenomena and nostalgia within the context of a mythical dystopian landscape. 3-4pm – Laura Bernstein Exquisite Collage: a work completed piece by piece by many hands. Laura will host the making of a single collage book and asks that you take part. Materials provided. 4-5pm – Eileen Hsu Sometimes all anyone needs is an honest, direct conversation with a stranger who’s willing to listen. Eileen and the CTE (Center for Thoughtful Exchange) will spend an hour seeking to fulfill that need.


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Feminist Afterparty

Friday, January 31, 8:30pm 3352 N. San Fernando Road, LA 90065 Park in Staples or Pep Boys parking lot Presented by WCCW + PIXEL PACK PACT Join other feminist makers, creators, and doers for a post bookfair meeting of the minds and dancing shoes! Short Slideshows: Lauren Thorson (Studio-Set), Kelly Lyn (Little Paper Planes), Tuesday Bassen (Ugly Girl Gang), Cortney Cassidy (CCOOLL), Iris Porter (DIY in PDX & DIY in LAX), Taryn Cowart (Day Job), Sarah Baugh (Sincerely Interested), and Carlota Santamaria (Odiseo) DJ Sets: Beyondaboubt Vulvasaur Cash Bar Tacos for sale by 100 Tacos