Unpacking Anti-Blackness In POC Communities

This is a past event.

Sunday, October 27, 4–7pm
Presented by Shift
Max Attendance: 20
$3 ~POC only

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So much of our existence as people of color is challenging and dismantling whiteness outside of our cultural communities. While this work is important, we too often fail to hold our own communities accountable to our deeply rooted anti-blackness. 

At the root of racism is anti-blackness. As non-black folks of color in the US, we are complicit in anti-blackness despite our communities continually benefiting from the black liberation movement AND we too often rely on the labor of black folx to teach us. Our workshop will start the urgent conversation of the work that needs to be done within: What does anti-blackness look like? How does it show up in our day to day, within our respective communities and families? What does solidarity with the black community look like for non-black folxs of color? How can we challenge anti-blackness? In order to hold each other accountable and begin the healing work within our communities, we must do the work ourselves. 

The topic will be explored in two parts. Pulling from the depth  of our own lived experiences we’ll begin with organized group dialogue, followed by an individual reflection activity, closing with a collective toolbox of solidarity. This event is for womxn and non-binary folx of color. 

This workshop is hosted by Shift, a consulting and training company started by three women of color. Shifting the culture of complacency means leaning into the hard conversations about race, gender, and power. Shift designs and provides modern, culturally relevant, and interactive sexual harassment prevention and diversity & inclusion trainings for organizations, youth, and companies. Some of their past clients include Refinery29, UCLA, and Coachella. Learn more about the work Shift does here.

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