Tomorrow Girls Troop Film Screening & Fundraising Party

Saturday, March 24, 7-10pm
Hosted by Nateene Diu
$10 Donation / Free with Patreon subscription

Tomorrow Girls Troop is hosting a fundraising party at the Women’s Center for Creative Work to kick off our Patreon campaign! We invite everyone to join us for a short screening of our video work from 2015–18, and for drinks and refreshments afterward. Come learn about and support our projects centering feminism and activism in the United States, Japan, and Korea.

If you sign up for a Patreon subscription, entrance is free. At the door, entrance will be $10 (or more, if you’re feeling generous!).

Tomorrow Girls Troop (TGT) is an anonymous feminist artist-activist group that was established in 2015, focusing on gender equality issues in Japan and Korea, two countries tied by a painful colonial history, and targeting younger generations in both countries and the United States. Our collective comprises about 50 members worldwide, and is consistently growing. Our goal is to create a sustainable feminist movement in Japan and Korea driven by our artistic practice, while introducing contemporary Korean and Japanese feminism to the English-speaking world.