The Failures of Roe v Wade (How Choice Still Evades Us)

Saturday, March 3, 10am-1pm
Hosted by Daena Horner, Certified Herbalist & Abortion Doula
30 participants maximum
$5-10 Suggested Donation

Who won with Roe v Wade, really? Has it been ‘won’ at all?  For some the struggle continues for access to clinics, while others outside the mainstream reproductive rights movement were left out of the conversation all together.

The law stemming from the famous Supreme Court case wasn’t actually written to protect choice — or the people who choose to end their pregnancies. Instead, Roe v Wade was designed to protect the right to privacy when receiving an abortion, and to legally shield doctors whose choice it was to perform them or not. As distrust, mistreatment, and discrimination by too many doctors, clinics, and insurance companies continues, and as state restrictions on abortion grow, it certainly seems that Roe v Wade may not have gone far enough.

Following an overview of historical and contemporary legislation around abortion, we will discuss the clinical limitations of care, the short comings of the birth control and reproductive rights movement as a whole, and additional resources.

Daena Horner is a Certified Herbalist, abortion doula, and reproductive justice activist. She provides support and education around sexual health, abortion (before, throughout and post care), understanding ovulation cycles, and balancing hormones through diet and herbal support. She uses a combination of her experience and knowledge with a grounded understanding of physiology and heart felt empathy. Find out more on