The Art of Prosperity: Manifesting Money and Opportunities

Saturday, January 13, 2-5pm
Facilitated by Raghubir Kintisch
Max 20 participants
$24 Members* / $30 Regular

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In this Kundalini Yoga and meditation workshop you will learn how to use ancient yogic techniques to modify thought forms to shift your life from a place of desperation and want to a place of satisfaction and contentment; from a place of constriction and stress to a place of expansion and joy.  

This is primarily a yoga workshop so please bring a mat and comfortable clothing as you will be moving. The class is for all levels; no prior Kundalini Yoga experience is required…just your desire to rock your world. Expect to come away with a toolbox of meditations, yoga sets and actions that you can use to

+ change a negative state of mind to a positive one

+ transform an overwhelming and obstacle-ridden situation into a fun challenge

+ open up emotional, physical and creative blocks

+ bring on opportunities that are in alignment with your soul

+ make hard cold cash


Gong relaxation and printed handout are included.

Raghubir Kintisch is an artist and educator; teaching both art (at LACHSA) and Kundalini yoga and meditation. Her interest as an artist is to open conversations about how we access and interact with the subtle realms and how spiritual practice and art practice are synergistically related. Kintisch helps artists to share their sensitivity and skills with the planet in any way possible that uplifts and transforms community, the environment, and each other. She uses yogic tools and technology to increase awareness of our human condition and to raise group consciousness as a result. For more information visit: and

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