The Art of Creative Manifestation and Entrepreneurialism

Saturday, December 9, 1-4pm
Presented by Raghubir Kintisch
20 participants maximum
$24 Members* / $30 Regular

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Creative Manifestation is using the body, mind and soul to bring forth inspiration and abstract ideas into reality.

Entrepreneurialism is taking financial risks with the intent of profit.

A big part of Creative Manifestation is connecting our self to the flow of cosmic creativity. We do this through a spiritual practice of some kind, by conscious behavior and action and seeking out a relationship with our soul. Your practice will reveal to you your strengths and your weaknesses; it will show you who you are.  You can think of your life as your manifestation and yours alone. Your ideas, dreams and plans stay that way until you bring them forth with energy. Without energy, creative manifestation is impossible.

The universe responds to your energetic frequency so if you vibrate at the higher frequency of love and prosperity, then the Universe will respond in kind. If you vibrate in the lower frequency of fear, then the Divine Creative Force will be dismissed. Yogi Bhajan, master of Kundalini yoga, shared these teachings to insure prosperity and creative fulfillment for this students. This Kundalini Yoga and Meditation workshop will teach you how to increase the power of your frequency through motion, sound, and light.

DETERMINATION is the one key ingredient in both Creative Manifestation and Entrepreneurialism. If you want to create a successful business you must put your mind on making a profit; after all, the word “business” means to keep busy for profit. This Kundalini Yoga workshop will give you useful tips on how to manifest creatively and simple rules on how to insure success as an entrepreneur.

Expect yoga, meditation and discussion in this 3 hour interactive workshop. You’ll take home a workbook with meditations, yoga sets and “homework” designed to increase your frequency, determination and manifesting power.

Raghubir Kintisch is an artist and educator; teaching both art (at LACHSA) and Kundalini yoga and meditation. Her interest as an artist is to open conversations about how we access and interact with the subtle realms and how spiritual practice and art practice are synergistically related. Kintisch helps artists to share their sensitivity and skills with the planet in any way possible that uplifts and transforms community, the environment, and each other. She uses yogic tools and technology to increase awareness of our human condition and to raise group consciousness as a result. For more information visit: and

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